Make your property shine with a fountain designed by a specialist like me. I work with design-build teams to develop custom fountains that meet the owner’s specifications and budget.

I also assist with water fountain repair and renovation projects.

Local Expert in Fountain Design Serving San Marcos, TX

With more than 30 years of experience in the fountain industry, Fountain Feature Consulting is the name to trust for custom fountain design in San Marcos, TX. My career began with Imperial Bronzelite in the 1980s and ended with Fountain People in 2016. Since then, I have been offering my expertise design, renovation, and repair to numerous clients throughout the area.

Decades of Fountain Industry Experience

When I worked with an equipment supplier, I gained extensive experience in designing one-of-a-kind fountains. This experience included creating drawing packages that would be further developed into construction drawings and later integrated into professional drawing packages. When necessary, I provided written specification in CSI format to support the designs.

I have also worked on the manufacturing end of water fountain engineering, providing fountain parts and their mechanical and electrical systems. During that time, I became intimately familiar with the inner workings of fountains, from their most basic components to the multi-discipline complexity of fountain control panels.

My consultation business now is based on the culmination of these decades of design, manufacturing support, and customer service experience. I am proud of my past work within the specification community and look forward to expanding upon my career with my current water fountain assembly consulting services.

Wide Range of Design Services

When you hire me for fountain renovation assistance, I will:

• Evaluate the Existing Mechanics and Electrical Systems
• Provide Written Recommendation on How to Fix Broken Malfunctioning Components
• Develop a Product List the Owner Can Use for Acquiring Bids
• Guide Design for Upgrades or Simplification of Existing Water Effects
• Write Design Guidance Documentation to Be Sent Out for Renovation Bids

My water fountain renovation and design document services include:

• Equipment Space Layout Plan
• Fountain Plan with Preferred Locations for Pool Fittings and Lighting Products

Equipment List
• Manufacturer Data Sheets Associated with the Equipment List
• Narrative of the Desired Visual Effect Accomplished by the Design
• Specification Document in CSI Format Detail Necessary Components for the Visual Effect 

Contact me to schedule a design consultation for your fountain project. Based in San Marcos, Texas, I proudly serve clients throughout the surrounding area.

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Water fountain renovation in San Marcos, TX.
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Examples of fountains I have been associated with through out the years.