Featured Companies

Water Feature Resource

For many years, I collaborated with Mark Crawford, the man behind Water Feature Resource, designing architectural water features for a manufacturer. First at Imperial Bronzelite then at Fountain People. Mark has extensive knowledge of the water feature sector and he uses that understanding to develop solutions for the industry. If you are a landscape architect, he can help with concept development, budget creation, system design development, and specifications. If you are a general contractor, installer, or developer with a water feature that needs to be installed or repaired, Water Feature Resource can offer advice as well as solutions to your problems.

IES Pools

If you are a general contractor, mechanical contractor, landscape architect, developer, or owner and you have a water feature installation issue in or on your project in the Austin, Texas area, I would highly recommend IES Pools. IES Pools is a division of IES Residential, one of the largest and most respected electrical and engineering firms. One look at their website, IES Pools.com, shows their attention to detail, their outstanding level of craftsmanship, and their ability to design to a customer's style or theme. A diverse gallery of pool projects hints at the construction challenges the Texas hill country can present and that IES has overcome. Being a publicly traded company proves their stability and commitment to standards, as well as gives the comfort to the client of being financially stable. 

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