Omaha Geese

Disney Anaheim

Baylor Science Building

Pearl San Antonio

Pearl Interactive

Pearl Interactive at Dusk

Kerrville Interactive

Sugarland Round About

Riverview Park Shreveport Night

Riverview Park Shreveport

Riverview Park

Carroll and Frances Sturgis Fountain Waco, Texas

Henry Ford Museum Greenfield Village Fountain

Fountain at entrance to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan ...

University of North Alabama

Spanish Plaza New Orleans

First Nation Bank Omaha Geese

Thomas Jefferson High School

Thespian Island Renovation

Garfield Park

Gruy Fountain Texas A&M

65th Street Fountain, Chicago

Ka Makana Hi

Jack Elstro Plaza Fountain

Richmond, IN

Pearl Industrial Influence

Along with the above fountains I have worked on the following fountains: Rutgers Livingston Plaza, New Brunswick, NJ, Penn State Vartan Plaza, State College, PA, MD Anderson Bertner Houston, TX, Cabo Azul Church Ftn., Cabo Azul, Mexico, Joslyn Art Square Ftn., Omaha, NE, Memphis Zoo Reton Trek Ftn., Memphis, TN, Battery Bosque, New York City, NY, University of Memphis Plaza Ftn., Memphis, TN, Little America Grand Hotel Ftn. Salt Lake City, UT, Spirit of Nebraska Park Omaha, NE.

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