Working for an equipment manufacturer I have been a part of many teams by providing a fountain drawing package to the landscape architect that would be assimilated into their bid documents and ultimately into the construction document package. Equipped with this background I can provide support and advice to the design team, navigating around some of the typical fountain pitfalls. My drawing package will contain a fountain plan drawing with optimum equipment placement, a list of equipment, and a single-line diagram with plumbing, electrical, and plumbing requirements. There will be information or data sheets for every component in the equipment list. Section drawings will be included for clarity as well as a ladder logic drawing to illustrate electrical loading and balance. For projects with a mechanical room, a room layout will show plumbing and conduit routing as well as ventilation requirements. I can help coordinate the other discipline consultants whose work is affected by the water feature. I am available to answer technical questions during the bidding process. While the trenches are open and the plumbing is in place a site visit is a service I highly recommend along with being on site when the fountain is commissioned into service. Click "contact us" to get the process started.

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